Ottawa Fitness Photographer

“Tiara….these pictures are amazing!  Thank you so much for everything!

I can’t thank you enough for this whole experience.  Being a newbie, I had no idea what to expect during a boudoir shoot.  I can remember being so nervous the night before…How would I look? Did I bring the right lingerie?  Will I be too shy to do these….how do I know how to pose without feeling ridiculous ?!?!

Well girl, I felt completely at ease and comfortable within seconds of meeting you!  You have this genuine, patient, kindness that helped coax me into this confident sexy woman..I look back at these pictures and I can’t believe it’s me! I truly felt beautiful and sexy..The whole day was amazing!

As a busy, working, wife and mother of three, sometimes “ME” time is hard to find..and to find it without guilt that I should be tidying, doing laundry or something else is even harder! I’m sure most moms can agree. But this whole experience was for ME and I definitely don’t feel guilty about it now.  It was so wonderful being pampered…Hair… Makeup (Taryn was lovely, btw) and having the day just doing something for myself.   I felt fabulous!

I’ve always wanted to compete in a fitness competition for years.  I love training and taking care of my health and body but things just never seemed like a good in general.  This year, I realized there will never be a perfect time to compete in one, so really, what was I waiting for?  This summer, I decided to go for it.   And my bikini competition prep started in August.

I’ve always admired your work.  I’ve liked your pages on Facebook and Instagram for years!!  You capture all shapes, sizes and styles of beauty..I love’s so empowering to see other women feel confident and beautiful.  Now, after meeting you, I can easily see how you can bring that out in people!  This shoot was going to be my reward and obviously one for my husband too, lol ;). I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot like this and I loved how you were able to tie in my fitness aspect, as well.  It was so fun. I’ve put so much time and effort into reaching this goal, I wanted to make sure I captured how I felt..these pictures say it all!  I couldn’t be more grateful!

Thank you! xx”