In her words… | 2018

"I had been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for a long time but lacked the confidence to strip down and strut around with a complete stranger. I am usually more of a behind the scenes kind of person. Then life intervened. My partner and I will be working on separate continents for a few months and I decided it was the perfect occasion to step outside my comfort zone and surprise him with a boudoir book. Working with Tiara was so much fun. She instantly put me at ease and managed to tease out my darker side -- one I don't show very many people. The makeup artist she works with, Natalie Peachy, gave me the perfect old-Hollywood, film noir look I didn't even know I needed. Tiara spent several hours with me and I left feeling impossibly sexy. Today I saw the images for the first time and I could not be happier. I feel amazing all over again. It does not come naturally to me, or many other women I know for that matter, to celebrate myself, my body or my sexuality. I think this experience will remind me to make the time. My only regret is not having worked with Tiara sooner."

In her words… | 2017

"I had been thinking of doing a boudoir shoot for my fiance since before I was even engaged, so I spent an exorbitant amount of time researching a number of boudoir photographers in Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley and the GTA - I was so committed to finding the right photographer that I was prepared to travel as far as I needed to! I was looking for very specific photos - sexy, but still classy, strong, but also delicate, provocative, but not overly revealing... I had booked with a photographer in Toronto, but then I stumbled upon Tiara. After a brief email exchange, I knew she was the one I wanted to book with - and this is a decision I definitely do not regret! Everything about the shoot - including the amazing time I had with hair and MU artist Natalie Peachy - was perfect! Tiara took her time to really get to know me, get a sense of what I wanted, and look through all my outfits with me. Of course I was nervous at the beginning, but with Tiara's contagious excitement and bubbly personality, it was easy to relax and get it. Tiara made sure I got all the shots I wanted, and I left feeling really satisfied and excited to see the photos. Working under pretty tight deadlines, Tiara was able to get the photos to me quickly, and I was BLOWN AWAY! They were PERFECT! With Tiara's help, we were able to quickly put together a boudie book for my fiance's gift on our wedding day, and needless to say, he couldn't stop talking about those photos all night! Thank you Tiara, for all your hard work in helping me create the perfect wedding gift - you're amazing! Can't wait to work with you again :)"

In her words… | 2017

"I absolutely LOVED working with Tiara! I was nervous and shy at first but this was always something I wanted to do for myself and for my husband and I'm so glad I did it. Tiara made me feel comfortable and at ease from the very start, and the pictures are absolutely amazing, I can't believe they're of me! I can't say enough good things and would recommend this service to anyone thinking about it, totally worth it and such a confidence boost, every woman deserves to see themselves as the beautiful sex kitten they are!"

In her words… | 2017

"After researching photographers specialized in boudoir, I found Tiara's website and her work really stood out from all the others. After speaking to her over the phone, I  knew she'd be perfect.  I showed up being very nervous as this was all new to me and she immediately made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  She was so enthusiastic and encouraging throughout the entire process, it was such a fun and enjoyable experience. I received my photo gallery and the photos turned out even better than I had hoped.  I went from feeling nervous about it all to wanting to show off my photos. I highly recommend her!"Ottawa Boudoir Photographer - B (53)

in her words… | T.S. 2017

"What attracted me to Tiara’s work was the raw vulnerability in her art. As a boudoir photographer myself, I am super choosy about who I hire to photograph me. I was looking to have the moody, and unapologetic sexual side of myself captured and Tiara was able to provide me with a safe place to explore that while capturing some very beautiful imagery. The excitement she exudes during a photoshoot really encourages the subject to push the boundaries of their comfort zone. Thank you Tiara!" Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

In Her Words | Teresa 2017

"The experience of shooting with Tiara was something I will never forget. I booked the shoot as a challenge to myself after a recent separation, to help me revisit my body and sexual self. I was really nervous! I have had a challenge to love my body for as long as I can remember (who hasn't had at least a period of time where the mirror didn't seem friendly), and thankfully have gotten to a place where I can enjoy and explore it without fear. This shoot was a big step towards this for me. Tiara was so supportive, encouraging, passionate, professional, creative, and fun throughout the whole process. She put me at ease immediately on the day of the shoot, and her excitement and encouragement was totally infectious! I would recommend this to any woman at any stage or age in their life. Now is the perfect time to start celebrating your body, and Tiara will give you a beautiful experience and stunning photos to help you do just that!" Ottawa Boudoir Photographer - T (75)

In their Words | A&F 2017

"This is now my 3rd time working with Tiara and every session has been even more fun than the one prior. This last shoot was with my amazing partner in crime and I couldn't have been happier to do it with anyone else. As nervous as he was, picture taking isn't his forte, he 'had lots of fun and enjoyed the time together'. Tiara knows how to make anyone feel comfortable in their own skin even when all you may see are the imperfections. Being a mom of a VERY busy boy, I don't always get time to do my makeup, dress up in fancy clothes (or lack there of) or have time for myself. These photo shoots are exactly what I needed to feel beautiful in my own skin and see the beauty of myself again. I definitely have a lot of fun and Tiara provides such an amazing experience for 1st timers and repeat customers. She knows what she's doing with a camera and takes the most amazing shots I've ever seen. She's my number one photographer and I'd highly recommend her to anyone!!!" Ottawa Couples Boudoir

In her words… | H.F. 2017

"OMG Tiara! Love my photos!! All I can say about the experience is that it is AMAZING!  Tiara has the perfect personality to make you instantly feel at ease.  The setting was comfortable and relaxing.  The results are stunning. I'm so excited to give these as a gift.  Thank you Tiara for making me look and feel like a sex goddess! I seriously am so impressed with these, still can’t believe that's me! Amazing!" ottawa boudoir photographer Save Save Save

In her words… | Ally 2017

"I was nervous when we first got started but Tiara made me feel so comfortable that my nerves completely went away!! If you are hesitant - book Tiara! My husband and I love all the photos! I can't wait to do it again :)"
ottawa boudoir photographer-0574

In her words… | M.G. 2016

"This is my second time doing a boudoir shoot with Tiara. After seeing the finished product from our most recent session, I have to say I am profoundly moved with seeing how I have come into myself as a woman and also by seeing the evolution of Tiara's gift of capturing the beauty of the human body. Boudoir is first and foremost something you do for yourself. It is secondly something you can choose to share with others (and believe me, after you see the pictures Tiara takes, you will want to share). Boudoir showcases women (and men) as they are. It is raw, and sensual. No matter your shape, the magic Tiara pulls behind her lens with careful lighting and attention to detail, the end result will make you see how beautiful you are! Looking forward to see what we can do again in another few years!"

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